Company downsized? Seeking a career change?
Returning to work after several years?
Facing a tough job market with heavy competition?

Good news! I walked out of that Job Fair employed. I mean, I not only secured employment but I positioned myself to receive serious consideration for 2 of my top choices. Dayna, your work was amazing. I felt like I had all of the tools to showcase all of my hard work. I am so thankful to you for assisting me in getting closer to achieving my career goals. Thanks again.

D.D., Program Coordinator

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Gatehouse Business Services in Asheville, North Carolina, has been the place to come for expert résumés, cover letters, and interview and salary negotiation training for over 3 decades. We can help you get that interview and that job.

What is a résumé for and why do you need one?

When a Human Resource or other hiring professional is faced with 100 or so résumés on his desk for one job opening, he's going to glance through those résumés looking for only 5 or 6 people to interview. But there's a problem: in a best-case scenario, you and your résumé are going up against your peers—people who have had the same job titles, responsibilities, and training as you have (worst case—they have more experience than you have). If your résumé is the familiar job-history type, how will this harried Hiring Decision-Maker pick you out of that stack? You all look the same to him.

A good résumé aggressively sells your skills, achievements, and strengths to a potential employer. It does so absolutely truthfully, by telling the employer the benefits and value you can bring to the organization…from the employer's point of view. At the Gatehouse we call this an accomplishment-driven résumé.

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