Services We Offer

What résumé services do we provide? What do they cost?

We create résumés for a nationwide clientele ranging from high school students to Fortune 100 senior executives. We also offer editing and format enhancement services for existing résumés. Your investment in the document that can change your life varies depending upon its complexity. Payment is made prior to beginning the project (checks, Visa, and MasterCard are accepted). Our services are as follows:


Accomplishment-driven Résumé

Keyword-driven in ATS-friendly MS Word and PDF formats for Web applications (with instructions). Excellent for those seeking to enter a new career, or returning to work after several years, or facing a highly competitive job search environment. Starts at $450 and increases in value as job accountability increases. Executive résumés are higher.

Traditional Résumé

Primarily a job history; fine for use in a job search with little or no competition and you are staying within your industry. Not recommended for competitive, career change or return-to-work situations. $325.

Reformatted Résumé

Do you like the wording of an existing résumé but want a sharper look? $175 for up to 2 pages, $50 for each page (if necessary) thereafter.

Reformatted & Reworded Résumé

Does your existing résumé need more energetic wording and a sharper look? $295 for up to 2 pages, $75 for each page thereafter.

Cover Letters

Well-written cover letters can focus the reader on those skills—your skills—that will deliver to him the employee of his dreams. Includes a master which can be altered to the position. $125.

Reference Sheet

1 page of 3-5 references, formatted to complete the Résumé/Cover Letter package. $35. Includes information sheet on gathering references.

Interview Training

1½- to 2-hour, one-on-one “short course” to help you meet the challenges of interviewing and salary negotiation, to turn that opportunity-of-a-lifetime into the best job ever. $125.

Just wanted to let you know I landed a great job making more money than I ever have in my career! Without your expertise none of this would have been possible. My résumé gave me the opportunity to move back to our home state and be closer to our kids which has been a BLESSING. Having you do my résumé sparked more opportunities than I ever imagined. Within the first month of posting my résumé I got at least 9 hits and 3 job offers which gave me a chance to take a look at which one fit best for me. GOD BLESS YOU, DAYNA!


Regional Sales Manager